About Us

Launched in 2020, ezBee Market is elevating meal kits & groceries delivery as you know it.
A fresh cooked meal doesn’t have to require multiple trips to the store, or hours at the stove. Instead, here at ezBee we believe that healthy, delicious, and convenient food should be right at your fingertips. 

ezBee Market began as a hope to bring a new perspective to international and American cuisine and with an expanding team we’re excited to bring our passion for innovative cuisine to your front door!

With simple yet delicious meals and door-to-door delivery service ezBee Market is the hub for your food and grocery needs. Save time with our fresh ingredients pre-cut for your convenience, save the earth with guaranteed zero food waste, and create shareable meals for you and your family!

@ ezBee Teams

A Dynamic
Shopping Experience

We’ve stocked our shelves with products and meals carefully selected for your best shopping experience. Travel the world from your kitchen with American, Korean, and other international products offered at prices you can’t beat. Bon voyage!

Game Changing

Online shopping is the trendiest way to get your food. Rather than stop at multiple stores just to stock up on your regular essentials, find your one-stop-shop at ezBee Market. American, Korean, specialty items, and more.
Do it all at once.

Efficient Delivery

We ensure an effective and safe delivery system with our very own delivery service and routes! From packing to driving, our own ezBee team makes sure your order lands on your doorstep. Delivered fresh, check your zip code for delivery ranges and prices.

Time Saving Solutions

ezBee Market is designed to make your lives as easy as possible.